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Historic Items

Ray Softly Passes Away

Dr Jamie Nelson Passes Away

Joan Wolff, wife of ex-President Heinz Wolff (1968 - 1987) passed away on 21st October 2014 after a long illness.

Prof. Colin Pillinger Passes Away

Gordon Harding Passes Away

Prof. Robert Weale Obituary

Tribute to Patrick Moore

John Hayden Passes Away

Alfred Oppenheimer Passes Away

Big Ben Visit Wednesday 18th May 2010

Betty Weale Passes Away

BBC London interview Doug Daniels

Visit to the Royal Astronomical Society Library

Caesar Kamieniecki Passes Away

Observatory and Met. Station Centenary Celebration

Vice President Publishes Book Oct 2009
Youth Prolonged: Old Age Postponed, by Robert Weale, published by Imperial College Press

Trip to Greenwich 4th May 2009

Summer Party 3rd August 2008

David St George Passes Away

Camden Amateur Telescope Society

Lunar Eclipse March 2007

Visit to JET 4th October 2006

Mercury Watch June 2006

Jupiter Watch May 2006

Report of the 2006 Eclipse at Hampstead

Full Mars Opposition Report by Doug Daniels

View of Mars 20-Nov-2005 by Doug Daniels

Pluto Discovery 75th Anniversary by Lester Hillman (800KB)

View of Mars 6-Nov-2005 by Doug Daniels

View of Observatory from Above by Jim Brightwell

Photos of the 2005 Eclipse by Terry Pearce (423KB)

Science in the City Walk May 2005

More photos of Comet Machholz Jan 2005

The last opening date for the observatory this session (2004-05) is 17th April.

The advertised May 2005 lecture, 'The Life and Death of the Woolly Mammoth', was replaced by a talk by Prof Mitchell Berger of University College London, on 'Applied Topology'.

Angus McKenzie January 2005

Photos of Comet Machholz Jan 2005

3rd August 2004 Thunderstorm Data

Photos of Comet Neat May 2004

More Photos from Transit of Venus June 2004

Visit to Wetland Centre June 2004

Transit of Venus June 2004

New Meteorology Page

Lunar Eclipse Nov 2003

Solar Activity Oct 2003

Henry Wildey Oct 2003

More on Mars Approach Aug 2003

Mars Approach Aug 2003

Summer Heat 2003

Annular Eclipse Photos from May 2003

Transit of Mercury May 2003

Lots Road Power Station Visit Summer 2002

Weather Station Opening 2001

Total Eclipse 1999

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