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A decision on whether Lecture Meetings will be held by Zoom OR at St John's Church will be announced shortly.
All meetings are on THURSDAYS at 8:15pm.
Members of the public are invited: for Zoom talks, Zoom invitations are available for those not in the Society: send an email with HSS Talk in the subject line to info@hampsteadscience.ac.uk before a meeting to get an invitation.

Date Subject (Extra Info) Speaker
Thurs 16 Sept 2021
8:15 pm
The Antikythera Cosmos
Prof. Tony Freeth & Dr Adam Wojcik
(University College London)
Thurs 21 Oct.
8:15 pm
Neutrinos in Antarctica
Prof Ryan Nichol
(University College London)
Thurs 18 Nov
8:15 pm
Hydrometallurgy and its Application to Reduce The Environmental Impact in Mining and Production of Metals
Prof. Tomás Vargas
(University of Chile)
Thurs 9 Dec

Thurs 16 Dec
8:15 pm
The Chemistry of Christmas
Dr. Kevin Devine
(HSS and London Metropolitan University)
Thurs 20 Jan 2022
8:15 pm
GPS and Other Flora and Fauna
Prof. Richard Harvey
(Gresham College and University of East Anglia)
Thurs 17 Feb
8:15 pm
A history of the fossil fish collections at the Natural History Museum
Emma Bernard
(Natural History Museum)
Thurs 17 Mar
8:15 pm
Air Pollution and Climate Change in a Post Pandemic World
Dr David Rowley
(University College London)
Thurs 21 Apr
8:15 pm
Thurs 19 May
8:15 pm
Thurs 16 June
8:00 pm
AGM: Wine & Cheese £zzz + scientific entertainment

For further details of HSS Meetings please e-mail: info@hampsteadscience.ac.uk


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