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Total lunar eclipse: March 3rd 2007

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[Moon at totality 3rd March 2007]

The Observatory threw open its doors and dome to more than 100 visitors who came to observe the total eclipse of the Moon on the evening of Saturday March 3rd 2007. The day had been cloudy and showery, but it cleared up by sunset and then clear skies prevailed allowing us to enjoy this beautiful event under almost perfect conditions with the Moon at high declination in Leo.

The penumbral phase began at 21.30 hrs and totality lasted from 22.44 hrs until 23.57 hrs, during which time the Moon took on the characteristic deep copper red tint. We observed until the moon entered its final penumbral phase at 01.11hrs on the 4th by which time most visitors had departed.

[Moon at totality 3rd March 2007]

Doug Daniels (HSS Astro. Sec.)


The following series of images were taken by Doug Daniels, with an Olympus E-500 digital SLR attached to a 450mm f/5.6 Watson telephoto lens with a x2 teleconverter piggy-backed on the 6-inch Cooke refractor.


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