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Report on the Centenary 2010 Working Parties

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The Observing Section of the Hampstead Scientific Society has had a major spring clean, to kick off the next century. Many tasks and improvements had been contemplated for some time, and celebrating our Centenary, seemed a good excuse to implement them. Simon Lang, under the experienced and watchful eye of Doug Daniels, organised and ran the parties.

Prior to the Centenary Party, the Observatory buildings were tidied up and painted, Doug and Julia Daniels prepared and put up a wonderful exhibition charting the Observatory's history. We bought a party gazebo and put it up and organised food and drinks for the guests.

After the party, during the summer, the front gates and railings surrounding the Observatory were cleared of rust and re-painted, and the cables attached to them, tidied up. The barrier between the Meteorological grounds and the Observatory was re-positioned, to provide a larger viewing area for additional telescopes and give more room for visitors, as we have found ourselves very cramped during special events. The dome's covering of roofing felt had developed many holes, and these were patched. Lastly when doing maintenance jobs in the past, it was always necessary to unbolt a section of fencing, to gain access to outside of the building and railings. This section of fence has now been turned into a gate, which will save a lot of time and effort in future. Many smaller jobs - part of the general maintenance, have not been mentioned.

The Observatory Section are most indebted to the many volunteers who stepped up to the task, without their help, many of the repairs would have to have not been done. We had 10 working parties in all.

Our thanks go to;

Abigail Frost, Daniela Marx, Prof. Michael Crawford and Mandy, Juan David Barrada, Sarah Shearman, Liz Partridge, Sara Lukic, Julie Atkinson, Nayna Kumari, Daniel Pooley, Jim Brightwell and to 'P.G'. of the SAS (Special Astronomical Service) for his role in"Operation Sycamore" (classified).

Also we send a special thank you, to those hard core volunteers who gave up many days to help out:- John Tennant, Roger O'Brien, Ennio Tabone and John Durham.

Next year we ought to repair and recover the dome, watch out for the Secretary and Assistant's 'Twitter from Rio'.

Assistant Secretary; Simon Lang


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