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Doug Daniels (Joint Astronomy Secretary)

I have in the past, been criticised for the length of my Section reports. This year is totally different.

Last year we were informed by Thames Water that they were renovating the reservoir and that the site would be closed from 17th July 2016 until about the end of March 2017. In the event, their estimate regarding completion was way out. In fact they are still working on it now and are expecting to complete by the end of July. It has taken a full year to do the work and when we are allowed back on the site it will take us some time to re-site the Met. Instruments and restore the electricity supply and re-fit the telescope object glass currently in the care of Terry Pearce. It is our hope that we will be ready for the next session beginning in September. In conclusion: there were no public open nights during the 2016- 2017 session and no astronomical observations were made from the Observatory.

Doug Daniels (Joint Astro. Sec.)


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