Hampstead Scientific Society Observatory and Met Station Centenary Party 2010

On the 25th April 2010, members of the Hampstead Scientific Society gathered to celebrate the centenary of the Hampstead Observatory and Meteorological Station.

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Julia Daniels lays out the party food brought by members, while John Tanner sets out the liquid refreshment.

Preparing the repast

Members enjoy a good conversation with their food and wine.

Good food, wine and conversation

The sun breaks through as predicted by the Meteorological Section Secretary

Enjoying the party

Now this device can pick up the signals relayed by that device and give me your message

Explaining the comms device

The Meteorological Section Secretary, Philip Eden, is presented with a plaque and plate by Steve Haynes of the Meteorological Office, in recognition of 100 years of unbroken records from the Society's weather station.

Philip Eden is presented with a plaque and plate.

The President Doug Daniels and his wife Julia proudly mark the Centenary of the observatory site, standing by the Cooke telescope in the Society's observatory .

Doug and Julia Daniels by the Society Telescope

Bob Marriott (BAA Curator of Instruments) views the sun through Jack Martin's Lhires III spectrograph while Dr. Richard McKim (BAA Mars/Mercury/Venus Section Director) watches.

Bob Marriott is watched by Richard McKim

The President shakes hands with Peter Hingley from the Royal Astronomical Society

Doug shakes hands with Peter Hingley

A group of members are examining a full length print out of the solar spectrum from Jack Martin

The Solar Spectrum

Catching a view of the sun filtered for the hydrogen alpha line through Brian Bond's solar telescope.

Looking at the sun in hydrogen alpha

Dr. Dan Pooley examines a 'middle aged' star, fortunately not likely to go Supernova yet!

Looking at the sun in hydrogen alpha

The President admires Brian Bond's solar telescope.

Doug admires the solar telescope
And the clean up starts

All good things must come to an end - with the washing up!



Photos by Doug Daniels, Jack Martin and Julie Atkinson

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