Trevor Law Is Meteorological Section Secretary

Following the retirement of Philip Eden, the meteorological section was in danger of disappearing. Simon Lang acted as temporary Section Secretary to oversee the dismantling of the weather station and liaise with the Met. Office, in addition to his duties as Joint Astro. Section Secretary.

Fortunately, Trevor Law has now stepped into the breach and volunteered to head the section. The Society is happy to welcome him to his new post.

Trevor says he became fascinated by Astronomy when he was 7, after his Dad took him to the Baker St Planetarium. However, living in London, he soon found staring at the stars was frequently confounded by clouds – so developed an interest in the Weather as well. Soon he was reading books about the topic and enthusiastically followed Forecasts on the media, which he continues to do to this day.

He studied Physics with Meteorology at the University of Edinburgh, graduating in 1977. Subsequent to that he was at the Met Office for about 3 years. After training, he worked at Heathrow as an Aviation Bench Forecaster and, for a short while in the Cloud Physics branch at Bracknell. In 1982 he applied to be a TV Weatherman on Thames Television, as Francis Wilson was leaving to join TV-am. Unfortunately, he came 2nd!

Since then, he has maintained an Amateur interest in the subject, and enjoys trying to understand what the Weather is doing wherever he is. He attends Royal Meteorological Society meetings he can easily get to. One of his 'Bucket List' items is to see a funnel cloud/waterspout/tornado, which so far he's never seen.


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Last updated   17-Feb-2017