Mercury Watch June 2006

Saturday 17th June 2006

We are holding a one-off Mercury-watch evening on Saturday 17th June starting at 9pm around sunset.

The viewing site is around the back of Summit Lodge (the block of flats with the big gates) opposite the Observatory. This is the small enclave of Hampstead Heath to the south-west and diagonally opposite the Whitestone Pond on the corner of Lower Terrace and West Heath Road. Temporary signs will be put up before the event to aid finding us.

On the night of the 17th, not only will Mercury be around (if its visible) but as a big bonus Saturn and Mars come to three-quarters of a degree of each other and can be viewed in a telescope together at low power. Additionally after viewing them, we shall move on to the Observatory to take a final look at Jupiter.

Should it be cloudy on the Saturday night, the event will be held again the day after; Sunday 18th evening, same time.
BUT if we open on Saturday, we will not be open on the Sunday.
If the weather is still bad on both nights then we'll have missed the fun anyway and I'm afraid that will be all, until we re-open in September.

If you have any enquiries please phone Simon Lang on 07999 774287

Map for Finding Observatory Map for Finding Obervatory

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