Jupiter Watch May 2006

Wednesday 24th May 10pm - 12 midnight.

If it is not cloudy on the 24th May the Hampstead Observatory will be open for a special one-off chance to see Jupiter before it moves on to become a summer object for the next few years. If it is cloudy that night we will remain closed, but will then open the first clear evening after that, up to Sunday 28th. There is the ordinary meeting on the Thursday (see programme) but there would still be time to go to the Observatory after so that evening counts too.

Time Limit Extended due to Bad Weather in May!

We will be opening the Observatory this coming

Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd June, 10pm - Midnight

to watch Jupiter.

The weather forcast is good for both evenings but should it be cloudy, Simon Lang will be on hand to give advice on all aspects of astronomy.

If you have any enquiries please phone Simon Lang on 07999 774287

Map for Finding Observatory Map for Finding Obervatory

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