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OLD Hampstead Scientific Society Programme 2016-2017

Date Subject (Extra Info) Speaker
Thurs 15 Sept
8:15 pm
A Personal History of 62 Years of Bioengineering
Prof. Emeritus Heinz Wolff
(Brunel University)
Thurs 20 Oct.
8:15 pm
Genetic Variation and Multiple Sclerosis
Dr Jessica Davies
(University of Oxford)
Thurs 17 Nov
8:15 pm
Gravitational Lensing
Dr Benjamin Joachimi
Thurs 08 Dec
8:15 pm
Non-Native Invasives in Fresh Water

The Zoological Society of London working with Citizen Scientists to improve the health of London's Rivers
Joe Pecorelli
(Zoological Society of London)
Thurs 19 Jan 2017
8:15 pm
Origin, Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs
*** CANCELLED *** and replaced by

Why Planet Earth is Habitable
Prof Paul Barrett
(Natural History Museum)

Dr Philip Pogge Von Strandmann
(University College London)
Thurs 16 Feb
8:15 pm
The Acoustic Bubble: From Whales To Other Worlds.
Prof Timothy Leighton
(University of Southampton)
Thurs 16 Mar
8:15 pm
Diamond – More Than a Girl's Best Friend
Dr Katherine B Holt
(University College London)
Thurs 20 Apr
8:15 pm
Lost Worlds of the Solar System
Prof. Hilary Downes
(University College London)
Thurs 18 May
8:15 pm
The Medical Implications of Space Flight
Steven Cutts FRCS
(James Paget University Hospital)
Thurs 22 June
8:00 pm
AGM: Wine & Cheese £3 + scientific entertainment


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