Hampstead Scientific Society Programme 2022-23
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Lecture Meetings will be held at The Crypt Room, St John's Church, Church Row, Hampstead, London NW3.
UNLESS otherwise notified. In particular the first talk is by ZOOM due to the rail strike.
All meetings are on THURSDAYS at 8:15pm. Coffee and biscuits will be available during the evening for a small charge.
Members of the public are invited.

We may attempt to broadcast the talks simultaneously by Zoom, to be confirmed closer to the time.
If you can't make it to a physical meeting but would like to be informed / invited to the Zoom session IF we can arrange it, please send an email with HSS Talk in the subject line to info@hampsteadscience.ac.uk before a meeting to get an invitation.

Date Subject (Standard Info) Speaker
Thurs 15 Sept 2022
8:15 pm
Biofabrication Techniques in Organ and Tissue Engineering
because of transport strikes
There is a significant shortage of donor organs for transplantation, and ∼50% of all transplanted organs are rejected within 10 years. To address this, the field of tissue engineering seeks to fabricate lab-grown organs and tissues, using biological scaffolds and patient-derived cells. This talk will describe some recent developments, including the fabrication of the complex blood vessel networks present in all organs; vascular grafts for treating cardiovascular disease and for haemodialysis; and organoids – miniature, self-organised, multicellular structures which replicate much of the complexity and function of real tissue, and which hold significant promise for the future of medicine.
Dr. Alex Justin
(University of Cambridge)
Thurs 20 Oct.
8:15 pm
Is a Common Cold Vaccine Possible?

Prof McLean is a research scientist with over 25 years of experience in monoclonal antibody generation and recombinant antibody expression in academic settings and has developed significant ties with biotechnology and vaccine companies. His scientific training has led him from New Zealand to British Columbia, Canada where he produced and used monoclonal antibodies for cancer therapy; New York, USA where he studied antibody gene diversification; and Texas where he continued studies using monoclonal antibodies as antiviral agents. He is currently based in London UK where his research now focuses on monoclonal antibody guided vaccine design for human viruses.
Prof. Gary McLean
(London Metropolitan University)
Thurs 17 Nov
8:15 pm
How Seriously Can We Take the Prospect of Interstellar Travel
Man has through history expressed the wish to fly. Even in ancient times we dreamed of that and even looked up at astronomical bodies like the Moon and wanted to go there. As our technology developed, the ability to fly in the earth's atmosphere became a reality and our ambitions moved even further ahead of that. The moon landings were preceded by technical discussions about its feasibility, and even in Britain before the second world war, where rocketry was prohibited by statute, we had aero-engineers suggesting the technology that might make that feasible. As we then conquered the Moon and reached the other solar system bodies, ambitions once more moved ahead of our capabilities and we looked to the stars. The British Interplanetary Society in the mid-70s carried out a ground-breaking study to look at the feasibility of interstellar travel using believable technology. We will look at their conclusions and where we have reached since then, and look at this in the context of one of the most interesting scientific questions that has always fascinated man.
Prof. Alan Aylward
(University College London)
Thurs 8 Dec
8:15 pm
The Social Intelligence of Bees
Prof. Lars Chittka
(Queen Mary College)
Thurs 19 Jan 2023
8:15 pm
Science on Ice: The U.S. Antarctic Program
Mike Lucibella
(University College London)
Thurs 16 Feb
8:15 pm
Vivien Lee
Thurs 16 Mar
8:15 pm
Thurs 20 Apr
8:15 pm
The Thames Tideway Tunnel
David Watts
(Thames Water)
Thurs 18 May
8:15 pm
Thurs 22 June
8:00 pm
AGM: Wine & Cheese £zzz + scientific entertainment

For further details of HSS Meetings please e-mail: info@hampsteadscience.ac.uk

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