Hampstead Scientific Society Programme 2019-20
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Lecture Meetings will be held at The Crypt Room, St John's Church, Church Row, Hampstead, London NW3 6UU.
All meetings are on THURSDAYS at 8:15pm. Coffee and biscuits will be available during the evening for a small charge.
Members of the public are invited.

Date Subject (Standard Info) Speaker
Thurs 19 Sept
8:15 pm
Making Fish Oils in Plants – a Sustainable Source of Healthy Fats

There is now ample evidence that omega-3 fish oils are essential components of a healthy diet, contributing to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and other metabolic pathologies. These beneficial fish oils are normally obtained either through the consumption of oily fish or via supplements, but both sources are dependent on the wild capture of fish from the oceans and as a consequence, a matter of concern in terms of sustainability and environmental footprint. At Rothamsted, we have been working on using plant genetic engineering to produce plants which have the capacity to make omega-3 fish oils, something that no native higher plant has the capacity to do. With this approach, we have successfully developed a terrestrial source of omega-3 fish oils, no longer dependent on extraction of marine resources from the oceans. This novel oil is clean and sustainable, and has been validated in both animal and human studies. We have also carried out a number of GM field trials at Rothamsted and in N. America to demonstrate that our plants can grow under real-world conditions. We believe that our GM omega-3 fish oils can help fill the gap between supply and demand in the ever-growing quest for these oils, ultimately leading to better nutrition for all.
Johnathan Napier
(Rothamsted Research)
Thurs 17 Oct.
8:15 pm
Milankovitch Cycles

It has long been realised that the Earth has seen large variations in temperature in the past, and one of the first people to speculate about the cause was a Scotsman, James Croll, who suggested it was due to changes in the Earth's orbital motion. This idea was expanded on by Milutin Milankovic, a Croatian scientist who developed a mathematical theory of climate based on how the radiation received by the Earth changed with time. Although he encountered a lot of scepticism at the time he published his ideas the subsequent analysis of the temperature record as seen from core samples has shown his work to have been largely correct. The talk will look at the mechanisms involved and see what this tells us about where the Earth's climate is heading.
Prof. Alan Aylward
Thurs 21 Nov
8:15 pm
Robotic Surgery
Steven (Sasha) Stamenkovic
(Barts Health NHS Trust)
Thurs 12 Dec
8:15 pm
Apollo Communications
Colin Brooks
(Radio Society of Harrow)
Thurs 16 Jan 2020
8:15 pm
Here Comes the Sun: How sunlight changes our health, our mood, and our ability to stand upright
Prof. Steve Jones FRS
Thurs 20 Feb
8:15 pm
Fusion Energy – Power supplies for stars on earth
Steven Wray MEng CEng MIET
Thurs 19 Mar
8:15 pm
How to Clean Up Space with a Net and a Harpoon
Spyridon Grammenos
(Surrey Satellites)
Thurs 16 Apr
8:15 pm
Pyrotechnics: Evolution of Energetic Materials
Dr. Ben Peerless
Thurs 21 May
8:15 pm
The Quantum Kilogram in the Context of Measurements Through the Ages
Dr Paul Quincey
(National Physical Laboratory)
Thurs 25 June
8:00 pm
AGM: Wine & Cheese £3 + scientific entertainment

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