Hampstead Scientific Society Programme 2018-19
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Thurs 20 Sept
8:15 pm
The Story of Water on Mars
Mars is currently a hyperarid, cold desert, but since the 1970s, we have seen evidence for past liquid water. Today, we are in a golden era of Mars exploration – a combination of satellites, landers, and rovers provide us with a plethora of evidence for both past and present water on Mars. This talk will discuss some of that evidence and present the case that rivers, lakes, and seas covered the Red Planet billions of years ago.
Dr Joel Davis
(Natural History Museum)
Thurs 18 Oct.
8:15 pm
The Hampstead Storm 1975
David Smart
(University College London)
Thurs 15 Nov
8:15 pm
Space Missions to Giant Planets
Prof. Nicholas Achilleos
(University College London)
Thurs 13 Dec
8:15 pm
How Energy Flow Shapes the Evolution of Life
Prof. Nick Lane
(University College London)
Thurs 17 Jan 2019
8:15 pm
Forensic Science – DNA Evidence
Dr Georgina Meakin MCSFS FHEA
(University College London)
Thurs 21 Feb
8:15 pm
101 Theories of Dinosaur Extinction
Mike Howgate
(Amateur Geological Society)
Thurs 21 Mar
8:15 pm
The Roman Water Pump
Dr. Richard Stein
(Hampstead Scientific Society)
Thurs 11 Apr
8:15 pm
Human Colour Vision
Prof. Andrew Stockman
(University College London)
Thurs 16 May
8:15 pm
Brain Oscillations and Mental Health
Dr. Elizabeth Liddle
(University of Nottingham)
Thurs 20 June
8:00 pm
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