Hampstead Scientific Society Programme 2017-18
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Thurs 21 Sept
8:15 pm
You May Not Believe This But ...? 3 Interesting Talks To While An Evening Away
In this age of “fake” news, I have done some work on the difference between something being true in a sense which is based on our best knowledge, or merely plausible. This is not a serious analysis, but I shall present three lectures of an amusing content, richly illustrated, which could be ...?
Prof. Emeritus Heinz Wolff
(Brunel University
Ex-President and HSS Member for 60 Years)
Thurs 19 Oct.
8:15 pm
Biosignatures in Earth's Oldest Sediments
Tracing evidence for the oldest life on Earth, and Mars?

The oldest sedimentary rocks on Earth preserve a record of early biological evolution that might also have occurred on early Mars. We routinely image compositions of key minerals that represent the remains of microbial biomass, which provides information about the origin of graphitic carbon in the oldest metamorphosed sedimentary rocks. We are now testing a new model involving chemically-oscillating reactions in the formation of concretions on Earth as an approach to search for the remains of extra-terrestrial life in such structures, known to occur on Mars.
Dr Dominic Papineau
(University College London)
Thurs 16 Nov
8:15 pm
The History of Local Anaesthesia
Dr William Harrop-Griffiths
(St Mary's Hospital)
Thurs 14 Dec
8:15 pm
Ancient Chinese Science
Prof Andrew Gregory
(University College London)
Thurs 18 Jan 2017
8:15 pm
Origin, Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs
*** CANCELLED *** and replaced by

TBD on Dinosaurs
Prof Paul Barrett
(Natural History Museum)

Mike Howgate
(Amateur Geological Society)
Thurs 15 Feb
8:15 pm
A Map of the Invisible
Prof. Jonathan Butterworth
(University College London)
Thurs 15 Mar
8:15 pm
Spider Silks and Webs
Mr Yue Jin Oh
(Oxford University)
Thurs 19 Apr
8:15 pm
Responding to Major Emergencies
Prof. Paul Leonard, FSRP, FLS
(The Society for Radiological Protection)
Thurs 17 May
8:15 pm
Maternal Nutrition and the Foetus
Visiting Prof. Michael A Crawford FRSB, FRCPath
(Imperial College, London)
Thurs 21 June
8:00 pm
AGM: Wine & Cheese £3 + scientific entertainment

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